Guan Eng gives reasons why people should reject ‘Abah’ MCO

Lim Guan Eng says:

“I believe the people don’t want the Father of MCO to be the prime minister again because, if anything happens, he will only implement the MCO, which has burdened the people and destroyed the economy.

“Enough, we need to reject him. Don’t tell me he was unaware that by simply implementing the MCO, the people’s lives became difficult.

“As such, I am confident that the people will reject ‘Abah’ MCO as they disagree with the way he handled the MCO and the country’s economy,” he said at the state DAP headquarters here today.

Reported by NST

Well…………..Mr LGE, if you are the PM when covid-19 hits Malaysia, would you implement MCO?
Well…………. What would you do then? Can you provide us your proposed solution? What I read in the above new articles is just you barking, but there is no alternative proposal? Barking is easy, tell us what you would do so we know that you are capable of leading.

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